Fire Danger - High

Last Update: Tuesday, June 30th, 2020, 8:48:09 AM

Beginning on Monday June 1, 2020, open burning will be closed. This includes natural vegetation and yard debris. Attended recreational campfires are allowed at private residences, hosted campgrounds and at dispersed camping sites in approved "campfire areas". Have a shovel and water readily available on site to suppress the fire.

No outdoor burning is allowed within the boundaries of Chelan County Fire District #3.

Additional information at /data/docs/Resolution%20%232020-54.pdf

If you have any questions regarding the current burn status please contact Chelan County Fire District #3 at (509) 548-7711.

Dave Nalle, Deputy Fire Chief of Prevention

For approved fire pit definitions refer to the Fire Pit Definitions page.

For complete information on outdoor burning please refer to the Burning Restrictions page.

For details on the current Industrial Fire Precaution Level refer to the Department of Natural Resources.

For further information please contact Central Washington Interagency Communication Center (CWICC) at (509) 884-3473.