Urban Growth Area

Outdoor Burning

As of January 1, 2007, the outdoor burning regulations in and around the City of Leavenworth have changed.

Outdoor burning inside the Leavenworth Urban Growth Area is now prohibited.

What Is An Urban Growth Area?

“Urban growth area” is a term used by cities and counties to define where home and business development is allowed. More development is allowed inside an Urban Growth Area. For example, four houses per acre might be allowed in the Urban Growth Area, while only one house per five acres might be allowed outside the area.

Urban Growth Area Boundary Map

A general map of the Leavenworth Urban Growth Area can be seen to the right. Click on the map for a larger image. Please allow the larger image time to load.

Refer to Chelan County Parcel Search if you need more specific parcel information, or if you’re situated on or across the Urban Growth Area boundary line. This map is a web-based mapping system that ties directly to Chelan County’s existing Geographical Information System. Parcel and name search tools are provided.

Why Can’t I Burn

Urban Growth Area outdoor burning regulations are required by law as set by the Washington State Legislature.